Guide to Adding Supplemental Tickets in Disposal Software

** You must have this function enabled in User Administration to View Supplemental Documents ***

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****Disposal Software Recommends scanning first the Primary Ticket, followed by the Supplemental Ticket for best Results****

To Enable this Feature Please Enter a Feature Request Ticket by selecting the link below

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There are two ways that you can add supplemental tickets in Disposal Software

This Guide shows you How to Add Supplemental Tickets using Automated Ticket Entry System

1. Upload Scanned tickets and Scanned supplemental tickets together using File Upload or Dropbox

Click Here to View " How to Manually Upload Scanned Tickets " 

2. Select the Automated Ticket Entry System Icon from the Home Page 

3. Expand the Ticket Batch field

4. Select Enter Ticket

5.  Enter all Disposal Tickets following the following steps"

Click Here to View " Ticket Entry Process (Scanned Copy) "

6. To enter a Supplemental Ticket, Select the Ticket Type Drop-down Menu and Select Supplemental Ticket

7. After Selecting Supplemental Ticket from the Drop-down, you will now be able to enter a Supplemental Ticket

a. Select the Hauler

b. Enter the Hauling Ticket Number

** Hauling Ticket number will default to the last ticket entered.  If supplemental ticket is related to last disposal ticket entered, they will automatically sync **

** If this Supplemental number is different, type in the correct number and follow steps below.***

8.  To view Unmatched Supplement Tickets you can select the Ticket Batch

and listed will be Matched and Unmatched Supplemental Tickets

9. To Sync Supplemental Tickets, Expand the Supplemental Tickets Reconcile box

10.  Select the Sync Supplemental and Disposal Ticket Button to Sync

10. After Selecting Sync Supplemental and Disposal Ticket button,

A Confirmation Message will appear showing the process was completed

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