New Features Release 

June 2019

Hauling Software - Dispatch

New Feature


Required Flow Rate for Auto-Haul Leases when Top Gauge is Lower then Last Bottom Gauge

Updated calculations to require a flow rate when entering a top gauge that is lower then the last bottom gauge.  

This fixes issue if water tanks have had service jobs such as removing oil, or pulling bottoms.

Bug Fix Report / Feature Enhancements 

Job Schedule - Time Sorting 

Issue:  Scheduled Pickup Times not sorting correctly on Job Schedule

Fixes:  Modified parameters to allow for correct time sort

Hauling Software - Ticketing

New FeaturesDescription

Added Pusher Field in Admin Approval

To learn more about this new feature select the link below

Click Here to View " Managing Ticket Item Fields"

New Feature: Added in the "Ticket Items to Show" the ability to show lease specific pusher on the Admin Approval Page

Added Pusher to Advanced Filters 

in Disposal Report

New Feature:  Added the Advanced Filter "Pusher" to the Disposal Report 

Load Time Color Coding Enable / Disable Feature

To View this new Feature select the link below

Click Here to view " Managing Color Coding"

New Feature:  Added the ability to Enable / Disable the Load Time Color Coding option in Admin Approval

Bug Fixes/ Feature Enhancements

Reports - Custom Date Picker

Issue:  Date Range Picker issues having incomplete date ranges

Fixes:  Updated date picker and modified parameters to allow for custom dates to function properly

Date Range Report- Job Description Filter

Issue:  Water Hauling selection from Job descriptions showing no data / tickets

Fixes: Removed water hauling from Job Description drop-down list, use only ticket type to view water hauling tickets

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