Viewing Supplemental Tickets in Disposal Software

To view supplemental tickets in Disposal Software

Using  the Ticket Lookup Page

1. Select the Admin Approval module from the Side Menu

2.  Select Ticket Lookup

3. Enter the Hauler Ticket Number / DSS Ticket Number and select Go.

4.  To view attached Supplemental Documents, select the link to Download Supplemental Documents

6. The Supplemental Document Will open in a New Browser Window

Viewing Supplemental Documents in Admin Approval

1. Select Admin Approval

2.  Select Admin Approval

3. Select a Ticket to Expand individual Ticket

4. Attached Supplemental Tickets Will be Shown with Ticket

Viewing Supplemental Tickets using Date Range Report

1. Select the Disposal Reporting Icon from the Home Page

2.  Select Date Range Export

3. Select Ticket Items to Show

4. Add Supplemental to the Ticket Items, and Select Save Ticket Items

5. You can now view any tickets that have supplemental tickets attached

6. To View an individual Tickets Supplemental Documents, Select the DSS Ticket Number Link Corresponding to the Ticket

 After Selecting  the DSS Ticket # Link, you will be directed to the Ticket Page 

7. Select the Download Supplemental Documents Link

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