Guide on how to Update Lease Gauges using Manual Flow Rate

*** Using Manual Flow Rate will not update flow rate in Real Time! Flow Rate Calculations will only update number of Barrels from Last Load Time ***

1. Select the Main Menu Drop-Down

2. Select Water Tracking

3. Select Update Lease Gauges

4. Select the Company from the Drop- Down list

5. Select the Lease from the Drop-Down List

After selecting the Company and the Lease, you can now Set a Manual Flow Rate.  To do this:

6.  Select the View Latest Load button

After selecting View Latest Load, you will be prompted with the Last Load Ticket details.

8. Locate the LOAD TIME from this Page.  You will use this in the next step.

Close out the Latest Load Window

8. Set the LOAD TIME to the Date and Time From the Latest Load Window

*** Hauling Software Recommends using the LAST LOAD TIME when using Manual Flow Rate ***

9. Check the box to Ignore Calculations and use Manual Flow Rate

10. Enter the Flow Rate 

11.  Select Save Gauges

After Selecting Save Gauges, you Priority Tank levels will recalculate the number of Barrels on location/ Est Time to Rollover, based upon Date of Latest Load and Modified Flow Rate.