Guide on the Admin Approval Process in Hauling Software

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1. Select the Main Menu Drop-Down

2. Select Admin Approval 

After Selecting Admin Approval you will be directed to the Admin Approval Page

From here you can adjust the Color coding for tickets displayed

Click here to view " Color Coding is Hauling Software "

You can adjust ticket items shown 

Click here to view " Managing Ticket Items In Hauling Software "

3. Set the filter for Yards

4. Set Filters for Tickets you want to View

5. Select the Show Tickets Button

To Approve an Individual Ticket:

6. Expand the Ticket

7. Review Individual Ticket info and Make any Necessary Corrections

8. Select Save and Approve Ticket

After Selecting Save and Approve ticket will automatically move to Invoice Approval

To Approval a group of Tickets 

10.  Check the Box corresponding to the Tickets you want to Approval.

After Checking the Box tickets will automatically be moved to Invoice Approval

Adding A Line Item In Admin Approval 

11. When viewing an individual ticket in Admin Approval select the Add Line Item Button at the bottom of the ticket information.

12. Select a Product Type from the drop down list and fill out the relevant information about the asset that is being added. Then select the Save Line Item button at the bottom of the window.

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