Below you will find the instructions to download

 the latest version of Hauling Software APP

1. Have your drivers logout and find the version number of the app

 that is currently installed on their device:

    a) Most devices have automatically alerted for the updated version and can be downloaded directly in the app

If the Version Listed is Lower than 3.0.X

your drivers may need to

 visit the Android Play Store, or the iOS App Store to install the latest update.

Detailed steps listed below for each device

For iOS users:

Open the App Store on your device, search for Hauling Software, and select Update:

For Android Users:

Open the Andriod Playstore App on your device and search for Hauling Software Mobile App and select Update:

If the Andriod Playstore only shows


1. Select the uninstall option and once the app has been removed, reinstall the app by selecting the install option

After Completing the


Have the drivers open up the Hauling Software App, and verify the

 correct version has been installed

Ensure that Android Version is 3.0.6:


iOS Version 3.2.0