Invoice Group All Tickets Customer Billing

The Invoice Group all Tickets billing option allows for CUSTOMER invoices to be created with multiple leases on one invoice copy.  

To enable this feature:

1.  Select System Administration

2.  Select Customer Administration

3.  Select the Edit button corresponding to the Customer you want to enable this feature

4. Check the box labeled "Invoice Group all Tickets"

5. Select the Save Changes Button 

Once you have updated the customer settings, you can now create invoices with multiple leases on one invoice.  Continue the normal ticket entry to the invoice approval process.  Once completed, select the invoice review page, and the customer will show along with the number of tickets ready to be processed and not the leases as seen below.

Select the process invoice button to create an Invoice that is Grouped with all tickets.

Tickets that are created will be displayed within Invoice Lookup with the label "Multiple Leases"