Ticket based pricing will allow users to set custom rates/pricing for each individual ticket in Admin Approval. This will not interfere with Lease, Customer or Hauler pricing that has been set in System Administration.

Guide on how to use Ticket Based Pricing in Disposal Software

1. In Admin Approval, select the ticket you want to change the price for.

2. Set desire price/rate in the Rate field.

3. Changing the price in the Rate field will automatically be reflected on the ticket.

4. Select the Save Changes and Approve Ticket button to Save the new price and Admin Approve this Ticket.

5. In Invoice Approval, the rate and total of each ticket is shown. 

**Changing the rate/price in Admin Approval will only affect that single ticket, this custom rate/price will not change other tickets with the same Lease, Customer or Hauler. Or change the prices that have been set in System Administration.** 

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com