New Features Release

January, 2019

Roustabout Software - Ticketing

Bug Fix/Feature EnhancementsDescription
Attach Files / Upload FormsIssue: Documents that were uploaded were being not loading because in many cases users left the upload page before the upload was complete.

Fix: Added a loading bar when documents are being uploaded so users know when it is safe to navigate away from the page.

Scrolling Tickets
Issue: When scrolling down a page in ticket entry, the pdf of the ticket would not follow stay at the top of the page when scrolling.

Fix: The pdf of the ticket follows where the user scrolls and is always visible.

Inventory Rental -Invoice Total
Enhancement: The total of an Invoice or Billed Ticket is visible from the Approval Page

Show/Hide DivisionsEnhancement: User now able to collapse and expand all divisions.

New FeaturesDescription
Historical Notes
Click here to view how to Add Historical Notes
Feature: User is able to add notes to Assets, Inventory Items, Yards, Companies, Leases, Employees and Pushers that can be viewed by all other users.

Attach/View Documents
Click here to view how to Attach Documents
Feature: User can now attach documents like jpeg, png, and pdf to an Asset, Inventory Item, Yard, Company, Lease, Employee and Pusher.