Disposal Software Customers, we would like to inform you of a database outage that occurred on the afternoon of Friday October 4th at approximately 3:00 pm.  As a result of this issue, we have had to restore all data to the most recent data back-up point which was the morning of Friday October 4th at approximately 7:30 am.  What does this mean for you:

  • If any work was performed in DSS on Friday October 4th after 7:30 am and before 3:30 pm, this work will essentially need to be redone.
  • For Quickbooks customers, if any invoices were processed during that time - they should be deleted from Quickbooks as they will need to be reprocessed through DSS.
  • For Non-Quickbooks customers, any tickets that were converted to an invoice will also need to be re-processed.
  • For Dropbox users – we have already moved ticket scans from the archive folder (This is the unfortunate circumstance for which we have this archive process).  We will rename these files and then move them back to a point where they will be pulled back into DSS.
  • If any files were manually uploaded to the system since during this time, they will need to be re-uploaded.

We deeply regret any inconvenience that this may cause.  As of 3:30 pm on the afternoon of Friday October 4th the database has been restored to the back-up point mentioned above.  Please call me directly if there is anything special our team can do to help you through this process.  Otherwise our Support Team is available at 800.549.4108 Ext 1.

Respectfully,   Brian Hughes.  580.399.0073