Guide to Navigating the Updated Version of Disposal Software


To Navigate the New Module Menu

New Side Bar Menu allows you to navigate to other modules without having to return to the home page.

 Old Layout


New Layout

Main Menu Navigation

1. Select the Main Menu button to reveal the new side bar that shows all the modules available in Disposal Software

2. Select a facility from Drop down Menu 

You will be automatically logged into the last facility you were working in each time

3. Select Module from Side Menu


Dashboard Navigation

1. New Dashboard shows at a glance information about ticket entry stats, as quantities concerning data entry, admin approval, invoice approval & invoices that have bin approved

2. Shows a summary of Total Tickets entered and Total BBLs for the last month date range

3. Hovering the mouse over a specific day will show the amount of tickets entered that day, as well as the sum of barrels entered that day. 


Multi Facility Usage

Multi Facility allows the user to switch between different facilities of a company

***You will be automatically logged into the last facility you were working in each time***

Click here to view User Administration Process

1. The Company Drop down Menu shows the different facilities available to that user

2. Facility access is set in User Administration


***While Signed In DO NOT Open Multiple Tabs of Disposal Software With The Same User***


Ticket Entry Navigation

The ticket entry fields are now easier to Navigate, allowing for faster ticket entry along with a cleaner look.

Old Layout

New Layout



Admin Approval & Ticket Lookup


1. Select the Main Menu Button to reveal the Menu Bar

2. Select Admin Approval

3. Select Either Admin Approval or Ticket Lookup

Invoice Navigation

The new invoice module makes it easier to access the Approval and Review windows for both Bill to Hauler and Bill to Customer Invoices. As well as the Invoice Lookup

Old Layout

New Layout

 Steps to Invoice Approval or Review

1. Select the Main Menu Button to reveal the Menu Bar

2. Select the Invoice Drop down

Administrative Function/System Administration

In its own Module can now be found directly from the Side Menu

Old Layout

New Layout

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