New Features Release

September 2, 2019

Roustabout Software - Ticketing

New Features
Add Default Asset 
QTY Field
Feature: User can add a quantity to default assets

Default Asset for Job Description

Feature: Job Descriptions have default assets that can be added to a ticket

Manual Create Invoice

Click here to view process for creating Manual Invoice

Feature: User can invoice out a single ticket or add ticket to any desired invoice

Job Type Description Status 
Feature: Allows the user to set a Job Type as Active or Inactive.

Display Custom Ticket Items Field

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Feature: Adds a customizable field for tickets

Bid Management Ticket Cost
Feature: Shows the Estimated Ticket Cost Of Goods Sold for tickets on a bid 

Roustabout Software - System Administration

New Features
Custom Company Pricing

Click here to view Company Pricing Process

Feature: Allows user to set special pricing for a specific Company that overrides other pricing.

Lease Admin County + State

Click here to view process for changing Lease Admin County + State

Feature: Added the County and State fields for Leases

Add Asset External ID Field
Feature: Added an External ID Field to Asset Management to allow for easier asset identification in other apps

Bug Fixes/Updates
User Admin High Volume Email
Bug: High Volume Email column in User Admin unnecessary 
Fix: Remove the column from the User Admin

Inventory Rental-Edits in Invoice Lookup
Bug: User was able to edit the yard, company and lease from the invoice 
lookup window 
Fix: Removed the ability to edit those fields from the invoice lookup window

New Features
Multi Division

Click here to view the User Administration Process

Features: Allows user to switch between different divisions in a specific company

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