Tank Type Administration

I.) Select the Drop-down Menu button and select the Admin Home tab under System Administration:

II.) After Selecting Admin Home, you will be directed to the Admin Home Screen.  Select Tank Type:


III.) After Selecting Tank Type, you will be directed to Tank Types Administration.  Here you can Add, Edit, and Set Tank Types to Inactive:

Adding a New Tank Type

1.) After following steps I-III shown above, select the Add Tank Type button to create a New Tank Type

2.) After selecting Add Tank Type, you will be prompted with the Add Tank Type Screen.  Fill out New Tank Type information (BBL In - Barrels Per Inch; the Alert Levels are for the Job Schedule) , and select Save Changes

Edit An Existing Tank Type

1.)  To Edit an Existing Tank Type, follow steps I-III shown above and select the Edit button corresponding to the Tank Type: 

2. )  After selecting the Edit button you will be prompted with the Edit Tank Type window.  Here you can edit tank type details. 

 After making all modifications select the Save Changes button:

Setting a Tank Type to Inactive

1.)  After Following steps I - III shown above, select the Edit button corresponding to the Tank Type you want to set to Inactive

2.)  After selecting the Edit button, you will be prompted by the Edit Tank Type window.  To set the Tank Type to Inactive, select the drop-down menu from Tank Type Status and Select Inactive.

After setting the Tank Type to Inactive, select the Save Changes button:

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com