Guide on Managing Trailers in Hauling Software

The Trailer Administration portion of the software allows you to easily add/modify trailer information.

Viewing Trailer Administration

To navigate to the Trailer Administration Page

1. Select the Main Menu Bar

2. Expand the System Administration Tab

3. Select Admin Home

4. Next you will need to select the Trailers option from the Table


Adding a NEW Trailer in the Hauling Software

To add a New Trailer

1. Select the Add Trailer Button


2. Fill out any applicable information 

3. Select Save Changes

Modifying an Existing Trailer

To modify an Existing Trailer

1. Select the Edit button corresponding to the Trailer you wish to Modify

2. Add/Modify and fields as needed and select Save Changes

Setting an Existing Trailer to Inactive

    To set an Existing Trailer Inactive

1. Select the Edit Button corresponding to the Trailer you wish to set to Inactive

2. Select the Status Drop-down and Set to Inactive

3. Select Save Changes

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