New Features Release

September , 2019

Hauling Software - Ticketing

New Features

Bill Type Per Load

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Feature: Bill Type - Per Load

2 Column
Ticket Entry


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Feature: 2 Column Ticket Entry Layout

Allow for easier ticket entry in side by side view, grouping relative fields together, decreases page size, side by side view allows for more efficient ticket entry.

Bug Fixes/ Feature Enhancements

Detailed Invoice

Feature: When exporting tickets from the Invoice Lookup page, the user is given the option to export a more detailed CSV file.

New Feature
Custom Field Long Text

Feature: The new Long Text Field allows the user to enter custom comments that are up to 250 characters long in the Ticket Entry form.

Hauling Software - Dispatch

Bug Fixes/ Feature Enhancements
Lease change from
 Active to Inactive 
in Lease Admin

Issue: When changing lease status from active to inactive, jobs that have not been dispatched on job schedule were not being removed.

Fix: User will now be prompted with a warning saying that changing a lease to inactive will remove all jobs in job schedule that have not been dispatched.

Complete Load

Issue: Dispatching driver to a new job caused a duplicate job on the Schedule

Fix: Complete load button allows you to dispatch the driver to another job without duplication issue.

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