How To Use the HS App (Original Version)

To refresh the page and sync any new jobs, click the refresh button in the top right:

You can also check for notifications of new jobs added by tapping the notifications button in the top left:

To sign out of the HS App, tap the Sign Out button in the bottom right:

Entering Totals

1. Tap the Enter Totals button on the job you would like to enter totals for:

2. Fill out all applicable fields:

***Note: Top and bottom gauge will either be in "Feet: Inches" or just "inches" depending on your company settings

3. If you have a copy of the paper ticket, tap on the Add Ticket Photo button:

4. Take a picture of the paper ticket, and then tap the check mark to confirm the photo (you can also cancel taking photo by tapping the x or retake the photo using the redo button):

5. If you need to view/add JSA signatures, tap the View/Sign JSA button:

6. To add a JSA signature, tap the Add Signature button, sign the screen, then tap save:

7. To view signatures if there are any, tap the View Signatures button:

8. Tap the system back button to return to Enter Totals:

9. Once all information has been entered, tap the Create Run Totals button:

10. You can then Mark as Completed:

11. Confirm marking as complete:

Driving Directions

For GPS directions to a lease, you can tap the Get Driving Directions button on the job, which will open Google Maps with your driving route ready to go:

Adding A Will Call

1. Tap the + button in the bottom right:

2. Select the job type (W/H - Water Haul, S/P - Special Projects, F/B - Flowback):

3. Fill out all applicable Job information: 

4. Once all job information has been entered, tap the Create Will Call & Dispatch button, which will add the job to your dashboard: