1. Overview of Entering Ticket Info/Gauges in the New HS App

This guide will show you the process of how to correctly enter ticket info and tank gauges in the Hauling Software app. (When the ticket is in Open Jobs)

1. From the Dashboard, tap on Open Jobs:

2. This will take you to the Open Jobs screen. Tap Enter Totals:

3. From the Basic Info tab, you can view any information that was set when dispatched, as well as enter additional information such as PO Number, Paper Ticket Number, Disposal Ticket Number, Load Time, and Load Comments. Just tap on each field to enter the information. Load Time will automatically be set to the current time during the first edit and saving of the ticket. If you need to change this at a later time, you can do so: 

4.  Tap on the Enter Gauges tab at the top.  This is where the top and bottom tank gauges will be entered, as well as kolor kut. The gauges can be entered as feet-inches or just inches depending on the HS system settings. The BBLs Pulled will be automatically calculated based on the tank size and type:

5.  After entering gauges, tap on the Photos tab at the top. You can tap on Set Ticket Photo, which will open the camera so you can snap a picture of a paper ticket copy:

6. You can then tap the Forms tab at the top of the screen, where you can add forms like JSA Safety forms or AFE forms, which can all be set up and customized in Hauling Software on the web:

7. Once you have finished entering all information, you can then tap the save button on the top of the screen and confirm save: