Guide to Installing HS APP on Android Device

** The device shown is a Galaxy Tablet A 8, the layout may be different on your device **

Step A. Allowing Installation of Apps

1. Select the settings icon for your device

(Shown: Swipe down on tablet and select the gear icon)

2. Select the Security option under Settings

3. Select Install Unknown Apps

4. Select Chrome

5. Enable the "Allow from this Source" for Chrome

and go back to the previous screen

6. Select My Files

7.  Enable the "Allow from this Source" for My Files

 Step B. Installing Hauling Software Application

1. Select Chrome From your device

2. In the Address Bar type:

3.  Select Continue if prompted with "Chrome needs storage access to download files"

4.  Select Allow if prompted with the "Allow Chrome to access photos, media, and files on your device"

The Hauling Software Application will now download.

 You can view the status of the download in the Notifications Bar by swiping down on the touch screen

5.  Once the notification bar shows download complete

Select the hs.apk from the notifications list

(You can also view the hs.apk app in the downloads folder)

6.  Select the HS.apk from the downloads folder

After selecting the HS.apk file, you will be prompted with the Hauling Software App installation.

7. Select Install

After selecting Install, the app will finish installation on your device.

8. Select the open option after successful installation

Step C. Logging into the App


After opening the HS App, you can now login using a driver that has app access enabled

1. Enter Driver Username

2. Enter Driver Password

3. Select Sign-In

4.  Allow Hauling Software to access devices location