How to Accept a Load in the Hauling Software App

When you are ready to haul a load, you should accept it in the app. Doing this is very simple, but there are two ways you can go about it:

1. You can click your tablet's system notification, which will take you to the Hauling Software app, and highlight that particular load, so you can accept it, or

2. You can go to the Dispatch Jobs screen to view all jobs that are dispatched to you, and choose which one you would like to accept.

When you are dispatched a load, Hauling Software will send a system notification to your tablet. 

1. To view that specific load, tap the system notification:

Tapping the notification will take you to Hauling Software and highlight that load, which you can then accept:

The Date section of the load information shows what time the load was dispatched at, and the Dispatched Loads screen will sort all loads by the oldest dispatched.

To view all Dispatched Loads so you can choose which one you would like to accept:

1. From the dashboard, select Dispatch Jobs:

2. This will show you all jobs that are currently dispatched to the user that are waiting to be accepted.

3. Tap Accept on the job you would like to accept, and it will be moved to Open Jobs: