Overview of the Rental Category Report in Hauling Software

To view the Rental Category Report

1. Select the Main Menu Drop-down

2. Expand the Inventory Rental Tab

3. Expand the Operational Reports Tab

4. Select Rental Category Report

Filtering the Rental Category Report

You can filter the Report by:

5. Setting the Dates you wish to view by using the Date Picker

6. Expand the Advanced Filters tab and select the drop-down options

After setting all filters Select the Filter Button to view the Report

Viewing the Rental Category Report

After setting all filters, you can expand the Report to view more specific details:

To Expand the Report

7. Expand the Category

8. Expand the Item

9. Below the Item will a list of all Jobs pertaining to the specific items

Exporting the Report to CSV

The Rental Category Report can be Exported to CSV using two different methods:

10. Top level Export:

This is an export that provides details concerning all categories within the Report

11. Category Level:

This is an export that contains details concerning only within the Category of the Report