Overview of the Additional Line Items Report in Hauling Software

To view the Additional Line Item Report

1. Select the Main Menu Drop-down

2. Expand the Reports Tab

3. Select Reports Home

4.   Select the Additional Line Item Report 

Filter the Additional Line Item Report:

5. You can Filter the Report by Date using the Date Picker

6. You can expand the Advanced Filters to filter the Report by:

a. Bill Type - Type of billing the line items were used

b. Company- Filter report to show specific company

c. Job Description - Filter Report based upon ticket job description 

d. Product Type - Filter Report by additional line item category

e. Yard - Filter Report by respective Yard

f. Ticket Type - Filter report by Main Ticket Job Types (WH, Flowback, Special Projects)

g. Ticket Status - Filter the Report by ticket status (Admin Approved, Invoiced, ect)

To filter the report select the drop-down list corresponding to the type of filter.

7. After all filters are set, select the Filter button to view the Report

Viewing the Additional Line Item Report

After setting all applicable filters, you can now expand the report to view all tickets associated with each Additional Line Item

To view all tickets

8.  Expand the Line item by clicking on the Type 

9.  To view detailed description of each individual ticket select the View button

Exporting the Additional Line Item Report

To export the Report to Excel

10. Select the Export Button 

Select fromm the menu options:

CVS Product

List of only additional line items and details

Least Detailed


CSV Product Items

Complete list of all tickets for all additional line items.

Most Detailed

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