How To Setup Up Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 to Scan to Dropbox

You will need to download and install the ScanSnap software on the computer connected to the scanner. Follow the link below and follow this guide to set up your scanner:

1. Once you are on the webpage, select ScanSnap iX500

2. Select your computer's operating system

3. Click the Display Software List button:

4. Click the download link for the ScanSnap Installer Software:

Follow the steps to install the software and connect your scanner. 

5. After completing the installation and connecting to your scanner, right-click on the ScanSnap icon in your taskbar. The icon might always show in the bottom-right of the taskbar, or you might have to click on Show hidden icons to view it. Select Scan Button Settings:

6. This will open the ScanSnap software. Click on Detail to view the settings:

7. Select the Scanning tab

8. Make sure that the Scanning side setting is set to Simplex Scan (Single-sided):

9. Next, select the Save tab at the top.

10. Click the Browse button:

11. Locate the shared Dropbox folder where tickets will be uploaded, then click OK:

12. Make sure to click Apply in the ScanSnap software:

Your scanner is now ready to go! When you press the blue scan button on the scanner, the PDF files will be scanned in straight to the Dropbox folder, and uploaded to our software automatically at the top of the hour! 

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