Guide on How to Upload Signed Invoices from Dropbox

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1. Scan Signed Copy of Invoice to a PDF Image

Scan Signed Copy of the Invoice to a location that will be easily renamed.  You will need to edit the filename in order for Hauling Software to upload from Dropbox

2. Locate the Invoice Number

 ***  You will need to use this number to rename the file for Hauling Software to be able to automatically upload ***

3. Renaming the File

To properly rename the file, you must have the Invoice Number from the Signed Invoice followed by an underscore.  After the underscore you can add a description to the filename

An example of a Correct naming conventions are shown below




a. To Rename a file

i. Right Click on the Signed Invoice and select Rename

ii.  Enter the Invoice Number found on the Signed Invoice you want to upload, followed by underscore.

4. Place File in Dropbox Folder named Signed_Invoice

After renaming the file, you will need to place the file into the Signed Invoice Dropbox Folder in order for Hauling Software to automatically upload

 **** Please Ensure the file is placed in the correct folder to prevent the Signed Copy from being uploaded into the Ticket Entry portion ****

5. Once document is placed into Dropbox Signed_Invoice Folder

Hauling Software will automatically upload signed copy to invoice

6. To view Signed Invoice Copy

a. Select the View Tickets corresponding the Invoice you want to view

b.  Select the Signed Invoice button

c. Dropbox Uploaded Signed Invoice will be shown here:

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