Viewing Supplemental Tickets in Hauling Software

To enter supplemental tickets select the link below

Click Here to View How to Add Supplemental Tickets

Hauling Software Groups all Supplemental Tickets through its process

This Guide will show you where you can view each supplemental ticket

1. Ticket Lookup

A. Select Ticket Lookup from the Main Menu 

B. Search for the Hauler Ticket

C.  All attached Supplemental Documents can be viewed and download 

2. Admin Approval

A. Expand the Ticket to View

B. The Supplemental Tickets Can now be viewed by selecting the Links associated with the Ticket

3. Invoice For Approval

A. Select View Info corresponding to the Ticket you wish to view attached Supplemental Documents

B. Select the attached Supplemental Document Links to View

4. Invoice Lookup

A. Select View Tickets Corresponding to the Invoice you want to view Supplemental Documents

B. Select the Supplemental Document Link to view the documents