Guide to the Invoice Status Report in Disposal Software

To navigate to Report in Disposal Software

1. Select Reports from the Side Menu

After Selecting Reports

2. Select Invoice Status Report from the Executive Reports table

After Selecting Invoice Status Report, you will be directed to the Invoice Status Report Page.

From here you can 

3. Set the Date Range you want to view


4. Expand the Advanced Filter to have a more detailed report

5. Select the Drop-down for all parameters to want to set

6. Select Filter

After selecting the Date and setting any additional filters, you can now view status details

To view details

7. Expand the Specific Status you wish to view

a. Gives you a breakdown of all associated Status by each individual Customer

b. List of all status amount assigned to pushers

c. List of all invoices under selected Status

Exporting Report to CSV

8. To Export Invoice Status Overview Report you can select the Export Button shown

To export the Detailed Report of a Specific Status 

9. Select the Export Button after Expanding Status Type


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