Guide to the Date Range Report in Roustabout Software

To navigate to the Date Range Report in Roustabout Software

1. Select the Main Menu Drop-down

2. Expand Reports

3. Select Date Range 

After Selecting Date Range

4. Set the Dates you wish to View

5. Select Apply

You can now also use Advanced Filters to narrow your Report

6. Expand the Advanced Filters

7. Select the Drop-down and set any additional filter parameters

8.  Select the Filter button to apply to report

You can set the Displayed Ticket Items shown by

9. Selecting the Ticket Items Button

10. Select the Items you want to have displayed 

 ***Items will be displayed in the sequence you check them***

11. Select Save Ticket Items

After setting all applicable filters and Displayed Items you Report can be viewed or Exported

To Export your Filtered Report

12. Select from the Export Options listed above your report

Select The File from the Browser window

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