Overview of the Invoice Approval Process in Disposal Software

1. Select Invoice from the Side Menu:

2. Select either Approval Bill Customer or Approval Bill Hauler

This will direct you to the Invoice Approval page where you can view all the tickets waiting for approval to be invoiced. 

3. We recommend sorting your tickets using the filters at the top of the screen to only show the tickets you are wanting to approve.
4. After selecting the desired filters, select Filter:

Next, you want to check your tickets for accurate ticket info as well as accurate billing info.

5. Check your Bill To and Bill Items to verify that they are set to the correct items for that ticket. 

6. You can view the scanned ticket alongside the data entry form by clicking the blue Ticket button. Here, you can make any necessary changes to the ticket info. You can also add comments, view the PDF scan, and Request Void of the ticket. 

7. Once you have verified that all ticket and billing information is correct, click the check box on the far left of the ticket which will approve the ticket and move it to the Approved Tickets tab, as well as being part of the correct invoice in the Invoice Review tab.

Note: You can also filter the tickets for a specific Customer/Hauler, verify ticket and billing info for all tickets. then select the Approve All Tickets button at the top of the page to approve all tickets in the list. 

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com