Customer Report Overview In Roustabout Software

To view the Customer Report:

1. Select the Main-Menu Drop-down

2. Expand Reports

3. Select the Customers Report

After Selecting the Customer Report, you will be directed to the Customer Report Page

From here you can Filter the Report by

4. Selecting the Date Picker and Filter By Date


Expand the Advanced Filters Bar and Select the Drop-Down items

Viewing the Report

You can view all ticket information on the Customer Report by expanding the Report

To expand the Report

Select the Company

Select the Lease

All tickets will now be displayed below the Lease after expanding

Exporting the Report

After Filtering the Report by Date:

You can Export the Report to CSV.  To do this: 

5. Select the Export To CSV Button:

You can Export to 2 Different CSV Reports

CSV - Company Only

CSV - Company + Lease

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