How to Use the Paperticket Export Function in Hauling Software

1. Select Reports from the left menu bar:

2. Select Reports Home from the drop-down menu:

3. From Reports Home, select Paperticket Export from the list:

This will direct you to the Paperticket Export page. This is a versatile export in that you can set the filters to get the exact ticket scans that you want. 

4. Select the filters from the drop-downs to only have the desired tickets in the export. Once you have finished choosing your date range, company, lease, etc., select the Submit Filter and Start Export button:

***NOTE: The paperticket export only supports 500 scans per export. Download time for the export may take a couple of minutes depending on how many scans there are, and your internet connection. If the export is more than 500 scans, we recommend splitting it into multiple exports using the date range filter. 

5. When the export finishes, it will be in your download folder as a PDF where you can view, save, or print the export:

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