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How Do I Approve Invoices for Specific Job Types?

Cantrell Jackson Best Practice:

Disposal Software allows for you to easily create invoices based upon job types.  In order to easily manage your invoices based upon job types you can set filters to show only certain job types that need to be approved.  

To view how to filter the Invoice Approval portion of Disposal Software, select the link " Click Here to View Invoice Approval Filter in Disposal Software "

For Creating Invoices based upon Job Type:

1. Ensure that all Invoice Approved Tickets have been processed

Failure to do this step may result in invoices created with different job types

2. Filter invoices based upon Job type and Customer/ Hauler

3. Approve tickets based upon Filtered Parameters

5. Review Approved Tickets to ensure proper invoice will be created

6. Process Invoices prior to approving any additional tickets to ensure only specific Job Types are invoiced together

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