Guide on How to utilize the Dispatch Process during downtime

1. Select the Main- Menu Drop-down

2. Expand Water Tracking Tab

3. Select Combined Schedule

4. Prior to any known downtime, Create any Will-calls/ Special projects/ Water hauls to add them to the Dispatch Combine

" Click Here to View How to Add Jobs to Combine "

After Adding All Jobs to Combine, perform on of the Following Exports to allow Dispatch Process to continue during Downtime


5. Export Dispatch Combine to CSV

6. Open CSV from Download at bottom of Page (Chrome Shown)

7. CSV will have a complete List of All Created Dispatches.  

8. Add Columns to The CSV to include but not limited to:

This will be used to enter the information after any downtime event.

9. Select the Print Button from the Dispatch Combine Screen:

10. Print off a Copy of the Dispatch Combine for the Dispatchers to have a paper copy

Recommend using Landscape Print for easiest viewing 

 Dispatching During Downtime

After dispatching Driver to Location, add any information to the Excel Spreadsheet that is available

After Truck is loaded enter information into Spreadsheet

Upon Completion, enter any remaining information into Spreadsheet.

After Downtime

Enter Historical Data as needed into Dispatch Combine

Add any new Will-Calls that need to be added to System 

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