Overview of How to Add Negative Pricing to Tickets  

Roustabout Software allows you to add a negative price to tickets. This guide will suggest a method for Adding Negative Pricing to Tickets

 The first step will be to create a asset that allows for a negative price to be entered

1. Select the Main Menu Drop-down

2. Expand the System Administration Link

3. Select Asset Management

Select the Add Asset Type From the Top of the Page

Here you will need to Add a new Asset to be used for adding a negative price to a ticket

Fill out the Asset Type

Name the Asset

Select Save Changes

To Apply a Negative Price to at Ticket Entry

4.  When entering a ticket Add the Asset to the Ticket

5. Select the Asset Drop-down and Select the Negative Price Asset you have Created

6.  Check the Box to Add the Negative Asset to the Ticket

Enter the Negative Price in the Fee ***(NUMBER MUST HAVE A " - " IN FRONT TO BE A NEGATIVE PRICE!!!)***

and Enter QTY 1

Select Add Asset to Ticket


7. Total Ticket Cost will Now Reflect the Negative Fee Entered

To Add a Negative Price at Admin Approval

7.  Select the Add Asset From the Admin Approval Page

8.  Select the Asset Type Drop-down

Select the Negative Asset you created

9. Enter QTY  1

Select Add Asset to Ticket

10.  Enter Negative Amount in the Fee ***(NUMBER MUST HAVE A " - " IN FRONT TO BE NEGATIVE PRICE!!!)***

11.  Select the Save Changes button

12. After selecting Save Changes, the Ticket Total will reflect the Negative Value

12.  Select Save Changes and Approve Ticket

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com