Overview of the New Admin Approval Process in Disposal Software

To view the New Admin Approval Process

1. Select Admin Approval from the Side Menu

2. Select Admin Approval

3.  After Selecting Admin Approval, you will be prompted with the Ticket Items to Show Window

To Set ticket items to Show, select the items in the order you wish to view by selecting the Check Boxes in order

***Disposal Software recommends the following ticket items in order:***

After Selecting all ticket items to show select the Save Changes Button

 You will now be directed to the New Admin Approval Page, you can now easily view and Approve Tickets

Customize the Displayed Ticket Items in Admin Approval

These Displayed Ticket items can be customized and displayed in the order that best suits your needs.

To modify the Displayed Ticket Items:

Select the Ticket Items to show from the Top Right of the Page

After selecting Ticket Items to show, you can customize the displayed items

 5.  Select the check box for the items you want to have displayed in the order you prefer

6. Select Save Ticket Items

To Approve Single Tickets:

7. Expand by selecting the individual ticket

Now the Ticket Can be viewed Side by Side with the Data entered in in the Automated Ticket Entry Process and the Scanned Ticket

8. Verify All ticket information is Correct

8a. Edit any field that is incorrect

9.  Select Save Changes and Approve Ticket

To Approve Multiple Tickets:

To Approve Multiple Tickets

10. Check the Approved box corresponding to the tickets you wish to Approve

Add New Hauler, Customer and Lease

Disposal Software's New Admin Approval Process allows you to quickly add New Customers, Haulers and Leases

How to know when to add a New Hauler, Customer, or Lease

11. When trying to Approve a ticket using the check box and error message will appear. Select Cancel

or your tickets will be color coded in Red, to view the alert hover you mouse over the ticket

or you can view the tickets that require Hauler, Customer, or Lease to be Added, by simply viewing the Table.   Any ticket that is listed as Other: XXX will need to be added to the system.

To add a new Customer or Hauler 

14. Select the Add button

15.  Fill out all applicable information

16. Select Save Changes

To Add A New Lease:

17.  Select the Add Button (Customer Must Be Set Prior to Adding a New Lease)

18.  Fill out any applicable information

19.  Select Save Changes

After Adding New Customer, Hauler, or Lease

20.  Ticket will automatically update the names for the newly added detail, and the ticket can now can be Admin Approved

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com