Guide on Saved Date Range Reports in Hauling Software

To Add a New Saved Report in Hauling Software

1. Select the Main Menu Drop-down

2. Select Reports

3. Select Reports Home

4. Select Date Range From the Reports Home Page

After Selecting the Date Range Report you can now set filters to be saved for your Saved Reports

**To manage Displayed Ticket Items**

Click Here to view " Managing Displayed Ticket Items "

To do this:

5. Expand Advanced Filters

6. Set the Dates for the Saved Report

7. Set all Advanced Filters

8. Select the Filter Button apply the Advanced Filters the Report

9.  After selecting Filter, all the Tickets that are within the Advanced Filters and Date specified will be shown

To save the Report:

10.   Select the Save Report Button

After Selecting Save Report

11. Enter the Name of the Report

12.  Select Save Report

To view a Saved Report:

13. Expand Advanced Filters

14. Select the Saved Report Drop- Down

15. Select the Saved Report you wish to View

Saved Report will display below

To Delete a Saved Report:

16. Expand Advanced Filters

17. Select the Manage Button

18.  Select the Remove Button corresponding to the Saved Report you wish to delete

19.  Confirm the deletion by selecting OK from the prompt

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