How to Assign Invoice Status/Assign to Pusher

1. Select Invoice from the left menu bar:

2. Select Invoice Lookup from the drop-down menu:

There are two different ways to assign an Invoice Status/Pusher. You can assign to a single invoice, or you can assign the same invoice/pusher to multiple invoices. First, we will look at assigning statuses to a single invoice. 

3. Find The invoice you are looking for by looking through the list or using the search field in the top right. Once you have found the desired invoice, select View Tickets on the right:

4. This will show the invoice information at the top of the screen. To change the Invoice Status/Pusher of this invoice, use the drop-down menus in the top right and select the appropriate Status and Pusher for the invoice. The Invoice Statuses are completely custom for your billing process:

The new Status and Pusher are automatically saved when you select the new ones, no need to do anything else!

5. The other method is Bulk Assigning Invoice Status/Pushers. This is done from the Invoice Lookup Page. First, select which invoices you would like to assign all to the same Status/Pusher using the check boxes under the Status Column.

6. After you have selected the correct invoices, use the drop-down menu to select what Status you would like to set the selected invoices to.

7. Next, select what Pusher you would like to set that current invoice status to:

*Note: If you are wanting to set several invoices to the same Status/Pusher, you can use the filters at the top to filter down the invoices, then select the check box next to Status which will check all invoices that are currently in the list

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