Guide on the Date Range Export In Disposal Software

To view the Date Range Export Report

1. Select Reports from the Side Menu

2.  Select The Date Range Export from the Volume Reports Table

After Selecting the Date Range Export, you can set displayed ticket items by

3.  Selecting the Ticket Items to Show button

After Selecting the Ticket Items to Show, they will be automatically be ordered by First to Last checked.

4.  Select all applicable Ticket Items to be shown and select Save Ticket Items

The Next step will be to filter the Date Range Export Report by a specific date. To do this:

5. Select the Date Filter, and choose from one of the options, or set a custom date filter and select Submit

After setting the desired Dates to be viewed you can set more detailed filters by expanding the Advanced Filters Tab.

As shown below.  Once all parameters have been set, select the filter button to view the report.

After submitting the Ticket Items to Show and the Date Filter, the Date Range Export can now be viewed, exported to PDF. or exported to a CSV Excel Spreadsheet

7. Select one of the Export options

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