Guide on How to Group Multiple Invoices and Save to a Zip File


To Group Multiple Invoices together into a Zip File 

1. Select the Main Menu Drop- down

2. Select Invoice

3. Select Invoice Lookup


After selecting Invoice Lookup, the next step will be to group invoices together

4. Check the box corresponding to the Invoices under the Print Column you want to group

After selecting the Invoices to be grouped scroll to the bottom of the page.

5. Set the number of tickets per page

6. After setting the tickets per page preference, select from the options how you want to Save the Grouped Invoices to a Zip File

 After Selecting the Save Option, at the bottom of your browser , the Zip File will be ready to be viewed

7.  To view the files select the Menu tab and Select Open

8.  After Selecting Open, you can now view the selected Invoices as PDF files.  They can now be saved, emailed, and printed

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