This is a Guide of the Admin Approval Process in Roustabout Software

1. Select Admin Approval from the left menu bar:

2. This will direct you to the Admin Approval page. This is where all of your entered tickets awaiting admin approval will show up. You can use the fields at the top to filter and sort your tickets. Select how you would like to sort the tickets, the Date Range, Company, Lease, Data Entry Person, and Yard you would like to show tickets for.

3. After selecting your filters, select the Submit Filter button and only the matching results will show. By default, the last 100 tickets entered will appear if you don't enter any filters. 

4. You can also choose what columns show in your ticket list by selecting Tickets Items:

5. This will open the Ticket Item Window. You can check which items you would like to show in your list and uncheck ones you would like left off. The numbers indicate the order in which the columns will appear from left to right, and you can put them in any order you would like:

6. You can also only show certain tickets by using the Search Box on the right. This will find any matches in any of your active Ticket Item Columns. You can select how many results to show per page on the left:

7. Once you have your list of tickets you want to approve, you can view the individual tickets and compare them with the paper scan by clicking on the ticket, which will drop down an image of the paper ticket on the left and the info entered at data entry on the right. If any changes need to be made, you can edit directly from the drop-down (if any changes are made, be sure to save changes before approving).

8. After verifying that all entered information is correct, check the box on the left side of the ticket, which will Admin Approve that ticket. If you check one by accident or need to un-approve a ticket before refreshing or leaving the page, you can click the check box again which will uncheck the box and un-approve the ticket:

Adding An Asset In Admin Approval

1. When viewing an individual ticket in Admin Approval select the Add Asset button on the right hand side of the Asset list for that ticket.

2. Select an Asset Type from the drop down list and all other relevant information.

3. Select the Add Asset to Ticket button to complete the process.


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