Priority Dispatch Process

1. From the Dispatch Combine Schedule, Select the Lease that you want to Dispatch a Driver to

After Selecting Dispatch You will be prompted with the Dispatch Priority Schedule Screen:

2. Select the Driver, Truck, Disposal, and What time Driver was Dispatched

3. Select Create Dispatch

Once a Driver is loaded, 

4. Select Enter Totals


This Step is very Important ensure correct data is entered into the system.  Flow Rates and Barrels on location will be calculated based upon entered information!

5. Enter the Top and Bottom Gauges, along with Kolor Kut (optional)

6. Enter Paper Ticket Number (if Applicable)

7. Set the Load Time

8. Select Create Run Totals

After selecting Create Run Totals, a new Dispatch will automatically be made available, based upon Flow-Rate/Timed parameters and estimated Rollover- Time based upon tank gauges!

After Entering Totals: The current Dispatch will be waiting for Completion

9. Select the Complete button

10. Verify all ticket information was entered correctly

11. Set the End Time

12.  Select Dispatch Option

Click here to View " How to Dispatch Driver to Another Job"

13. Select Complete Load

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