Overview of Pusher Administration in Roustabout Software

1. Select System Administration form the left menu bar:

2. Select Pusher from the drop-down list:

Add a Pusher

1. Select Add Pusher in the top right:

2. This will open the Add Pusher Window, where you can enter the information for the new Pusher:

*If you would like the Pusher to receive high volume emails, make sure the box is checked.

3. When you are finished entering the Pusher's information, select Save Changes at the bottom:

Edit a Pusher

1. Select Edit next the to Pusher you would like to Edit:

2. Make any necessary changes, then select Save Changes at the bottom:

Find a Pusher

1. To find a Pusher, use the Search Box in the top right:

If you cant find the desired pusher, they may be set to Inactive. Select Inactive Only from the drop-down list on the left to search Inactive Pushers

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com