Single Entry for Will Call - Special Project Haul

1. Select the Main Menu Drop-Down

2. Select Water Tracking

3. Select Combined Schedule


4.  On the Dispatch Combine, select the Add Will Call button

5. Select Single Entry for Special Projects

6.  You will be prompted with the Add Will Call Single Entry for Special Projects Window

7.  Fill in all applicable information and Select Create Will Call

After Creating Single Entry for Will Call

8.  The Job will now show up in the Dispatch Combine with type shown as S/P-P

9.  You can now Dispatch a Driver to the Job by Selecting the Dispatch button

 After selecting the Dispatch Button

10.  Select the Driver from the Drop-down list

11.  Select Truck from Drop-down list

12. Set Dispatch Time

13.  Select Create Dispatch

14. After Dispatching a Driver to the Job you will now see the Single Entry for Special Projects displayed as seen below:

Upon completion of the Job

14. Select the Enter Totals button

After selecting Enter Totals

15.  Fill out all applicable fields 

16.  Select Mark as Complete field

a.  To close out job and and driver Select Mark as Complete

b.  To Dispatch Driver to Another Job 

Click here to view " How to Dispatch Driver to Another Job

c.  To return the Driver to Same Job, select " Mark as Completed and Dispatch Driver to Same Job"

***  This will automatically Create another Dispatch Special Project, with same dispatch details, and dispatch time will be set to current time  ***

17.  Select Create Run Totals

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