Disposal Software Best Practice 

1.  Establishing a Truck Log to be filled out manually each time a load is received

Truck Logs will be a useful tool in verifying tickets have been properly uploaded into Disposal Software

Example of Truck Log is shown below

you can download the Truck Log Template at the bottom of this Knowledge Base

2. After Truck Log has been filled out, immediately scan hauler/ disposal ticket using Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 One Touch Scanner

3. After tickets have been scanned, files will automatically upload to your company Dropbox folder and into Disposal Software

4.  Utilizing Disposal Software's Data Entry Team, all tickets will be completed by 7:00 am the Next day and ready for Admin Approval.

5. Have an AR Admin Approve all tickets within the Admin Approval module in Disposal Software

After all ticket have been Admin Approved. you can now verify tickets with truck log to ensure all tickets were scanned and entered into Disposal Software

To do this simply Select the Date Range Export under the Reports module


Set the Date in conjunction with the Truck Log

You can now use the Date to confirm the Truck log side by side of what has been entered into the Software, or you can export the Date Range Report to a CSV (Excel Spreadsheet)

Date Range Report in Disposal Software

CSV (Excel Spreadsheet)

Verify Truck Log

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com