This guide will walk you through the Job Type Description Administration process

1. Select System Administration from the left menu bar:

2. Select Job Type Description from the System Administration drop-down:

3. This will direct you to the Job Type Description Admin page. From here, you can Add, Edit, or Remove, Job Types/Descriptions

A.) Add a Job Type/Description

I.) Select the Add Job Type button in the upper right corner:

II.) Add the name of the Job Type and select whether you want it to be Active or Inactive in the system:

III.) To add Job Type Descriptions to the Job Type, type a Job Type Description in the Description box. If you need multiple descriptions under a single Job Type, click Add More to make more description fields available:

*Note: You can set specific Descriptions to Inactive if you don't want them all active, but you would like to keep them in the list

IV.) When you are finished adding Job Type Descriptions, click Save Changes:

B.) Edit a Job Type/Description

I.) Select Edit on the Job Type/Description you would like to edit:

II.) From here you can change the name of your Job Types/Descriptions, set them to Active or Inactive, and Add/Remove Descriptions:

III.) When you are done editing the Job Type/Descriptions, select Save Changes:

C.) Remove Job Type/Descriptions

I.) Select Edit for the Job Type/Description you would like to remove:

II.) To remove the Job Type AND the Descriptions, simply set the Job Type Status to Inactive:

III.) If you just want to remove one or more Job Type Descriptions from a Job Type, you can change the description(s) to Inactive:

*Note: The Remove button will completely remove the Job Type Description that is at the bottom of the list. If you would like to use this, make sure the Description needing to be removed is the last in the list

IV.) When you are done, select Save Changes:

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