This guide will walk you through the Invoice Status Administration process

1. Select System Administration from the left menu bar:

2. Select Invoice Status from the System Administration drop-down:

3. You will be presented with the Invoice Status Administration screen. From here, you can Add, Edit, or Deactivate invoice statuses.

A.) To Add an Invoice Status

I.) Select the Add Invoice Status button from the top right:

II.) You will be presented the Add Invoice Status Window. In this window, add the following information:

Name: The name of your Invoice Status

Order: Invoice Statuses move from one status to another in sequential order. Choose where the status that you're adding goes in the order.

Status: This can be set to Active or Inactive. Active means you can set Invoices to this status while Inactive turns off the ability to set Invoices to that status, but keeping it in the list so it can be set back to Active later if necessary.

Require comments: If you want a certain Invoice Status to require a comment before setting that status, check this box

III.) Select Save Invoice Status at the bottom of the window:

B.) Edit Invoice Status

I.) Select the Edit button on the right of the Invoice Status that you want to Edit:

II.) Make the changes that need to be made to that Invoice Status and click Save Invoice Status:

C.) Deactivate Invoice Status

I.) Select Edit on the Invoice Status to be Deactivated:

II.) Select the Status drop-down and click Inactive, then click Save Invoice Status:

Other Options:

If you need to find a specific ticket, you can use the Search Box in the top right corner:

You can also view invoices by their status by using the drop-down in the upper left corner:

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