This guide will walk you through the Employee Administration process

1. Select System Administration from the left menu bar:

2. Select Employee under the System Administration drop-down:

3. This will show all Employees that are currently on the system

4. From this screen, you can Add, Edit, or Remove Employees

A.) To Add Employee:

I.) Select the Add Employee button in the top right:

II.) This will open the Add Employee Window:

Fill out the Employee's information. If you do not have the employee's phone number or email address, you can leave those fields blank. 

QB Employee Link - If the employee has a QuickBooks Employee Link, select it from the drop-down list

Has User Account/User - If the employee has a User Account in Roustabout, check the box, then select their name from the drop-down list 

Status - Select whether the employee should be

 Active or Inactive in the system

III.) When you have entered all the relevant information, select Save Employee from the bottom of the window:

B.) To Edit Employee:

I.) Select Edit next to the Employee you want to Edit:

II.) This will open the Edit Employee Window:

III.) Here, you can change any of the employees information. When you are done editing the Employee's information, select Save Employee at the bottom of the window:

C.) To Remove an Employee

I.) Select Edit on the employee you want to Remove:

II.) Select the Status drop-down and select Inactive. After selecting Inactive, click Save Employee. The employee will be removed from the system:

Other Options:

Find Employees

You can quickly find a specific employee by searching their name in the top right corner Search Box:

If the searched employee does not show up, they may be listed as Inactive. To look at Inactive employees, select the drop-down in the top left and select either Inactive Only or All Status:

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