This guide will walk step by step through the process of entering a ticket into Roustabout

1. Select Ticket Entry from the left menu bar: 

2. Select the batch of tickets you wish to enter by clicking the Tickets button on the right of the tab: 

The Tickets button on the right will open the batch of tickets uploaded on 12-7-2018 at 9:10 am as shown on the left of the same tab

This will open a drop-down list of all tickets available for data-entry within the selected batch. 

3. Select the Enter Ticket button to enter the Ticket Entry Form window:

After selecting the Enter Ticket button, you will be presented with the Ticket Entry Form window. The left side of the window shows the PDF Scanned Copy to view for completing the ticket entry process. The right side is where the information from the scanned ticket is Entered.

4. Once you have the Ticket Entry Form window open, you can view the PDF Scanned Ticket and enter the following information to complete the data entry process:

Ticket Type - Select whether it is a Job Ticket or a Supplemental Ticket using the drop-down list

Bid - If the job belongs to an existing bid, select the bid from the drop-down list. If it does not belong to a bid, leave it as none

Paper Ticket # - If the job has a corresponding Paper Ticket Number, enter it in this field

Yard - Select the correct Yard from the drop-down list

Company - Select the correct Company from the drop-down list. If the customer is not in the drop-down list, you can select "Other Customer" from the drop-down list, and a text box will appear and you can manually type in the name of the Customer

Lease - Select the correct Lease from the drop-down list. If the lease is not in the drop-down list, you can select "Other Lease" from the drop-down list, and a text box will appear and you can manually type in the name of the Lease.

Assign To - Select the correct Assignee from the drop-down list

Contact Person - If a contact is listed on the ticket, manually enter their name here

AFE - Manually enter the AFE from the ticket here

PO Number - Manually enter the PO Number from the ticket here

Start Time - Click on the date and you the calendar and time buttons to select the correct Start Date and Time. You can also manually type in the Start Time using this format: MMDDYY HHMM, where the time is 24-hour time. Ex. 12/11/2018 6:10 PM would be: 12112018 1810

Job Type - Select Add Job, which will open the Job Type Window:

Select the correct Job Type from the drop-down list, and this will show you the specific job for that Job Type. Check the job listed on the ticket, then select Add Job to Ticket. *****NOTE***** : All jobs checked will be added as jobs, so make sure to check all applicable jobs for that Job Type before clicking Add Job to Ticket. If you need to add a job from another Job Type, select another Job Type, and repeat adding job process. Example:

The selected Job Type is Wireline Truck. Check Fishing Job. Click Add Job to Ticket, and a pop will appear in the bottom right corner that you successfully added the job(s)

Asset - Select Add Asset, which will open the Asset Type window. The process for adding assets is very similar to adding jobs. Select your Asset Type from the drop-down list, check the applicable Assets, enter the quantity, and click Add Asset to Ticket (shown below)

Notes - If there is a note on the ticket, type it on this field. If you need to add more than one ticket, type the first ticket in this field and then select Add More Notes

Photo - If a photo needs to be added to the ticket, select Choose Photo, select the correct photo, then click Open

Flag for Further Review - If the ticket needs to be reviewed another time in Admin Approval, add a note here stating what needs to be checked in Admin Approval

Rig - Custom - This is a custom field created on a per-customer basis. If you need a custom field added to ticket entry, you can either go to or hit the Need Support? button and go through the following steps:

You will be directed to our support page, From this page, select New Support Ticket:

Fill out the Support Ticket Form with your information. For Ticket Type, select Feature Request. In the Description, state that you would like a custom field added to ticket entry and what the field would contain, and we will be in contact with you shortly!

5. Once you have completed entering the ticket data, select the Save Job Ticket button at the bottom of the right window. If there are more tickets available in the batch, selecting this will save the entered ticket and automatically move to the next ticket. 

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