Guide on How to 

Add, Edit, and Set a Pusher to Inactive

1.  Select System Administration


2. Under the Administrative Functions Table Select Pusher:

After Selecting Pusher, you will be directed to the Pusher Administration Page

Here you can Add, Edit, and Set a Pusher to Inactive

Add a New Pusher

3. Select the Add Pusher Button:


4. After selecting the Add Pusher button you will be prompted with the Add Pusher window.

a. Enter Pusher Name

b. Enter Pusher Email

c. Enter Pusher Contact Phone Number

d. Check Box to Enable High Volume Email Alerts

Select the Save Pusher button

To Edit and Existing Pusher

5. Select the Edit button corresponding to the Pusher you want to Edit

After Selecting the Edit Pusher Button, you will be prompted with the Edit Pusher Window

6. Edit Pusher Details and Select the Save Pusher Button

To Set a Pusher to Inactive

7. Select the Edit Button corresponding to the Pusher you wish to set to Inactive

8. Select the Status Drop-Down Menu and Select Inactive

Select the Save Pusher Button

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