Assigning Invoice Status

 Click here to view Invoice Status Administration

To Add/ Edit/ Set inactive Statuses click the link above

1.)  Select the Invoice Icon from the Side Menu

2.) Select Invoice Lookup 

After Selecting Invoice Lookup, you will be directed to the Invoice lookup page.

From here you can Assign Invoice Status to an Individual Invoice and Bulk Assign Invoice Status to a group of Invoices:

To Assign an Individual Invoice Status:

1.) Select the View Tickets button corresponding to the Invoice you want to Assign an Invoice Status:

After selecting View Tickets, the Invoice will open at the top of the page.

2.) Select the Status Drop-Down menu and select the Invoice Status you want to Assign

After Selecting the Invoice Status a confirmation message will appear

To Bulk Assigning Invoice Status:

1.) Select the Status Check Boxes next to the Invoices that you want to Bulk Assign Invoice Status:

2.) Select the Bulk Invoice Status Drop-Down and Select the Invoice Status you want to assign to checked Invoices:

3.)  After Selecting the Invoice Status, a confirmation message box will appear 

Select the Filter button to refresh your screen and the Status will now show the Invoice Status you Assigned:

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