Daily Data Entry Administration

** Add Tanks here and they will populate in the Oil Sales - Add Entry Form **

You may also need to Add Oil Gatherers - Click Here for information.

I.) From the Side Menu select System Administration.

II.)  Select Daily Data Entry Administration from the Administrative Functions Table:

III.) You will then be directed to the Daily Tank Administration Page where you can Add, Edit, or set a Tank to Inactive:

Adding a New Tank:

1.) After Following Steps I to III shown above, Select the Add Reclaimed Oil Tank Button Form the Daily Entry Administration Screen:

2.) You will then be prompted with the Add Oil Tank window.  Enter the Tank Name and the BBL per Inch.  (Generally speaking 210 BBL tanks are 1.17/BBLIn and 300 BBL tanks are 1.67/BBLIn)  Click Save Changes.

Updating or Setting Tanks to Inactive:

1.) Follow Steps I-III shown above and select the Edit button corresponding to the Tank you wish to Update:

2.) After selecting the Edit Button, You will be prompted with the Edit Oil Tank Page where you can Modify the Name, BBL/Inch, or set the Tank to Inactive.

After making all necessary changes select the Save Changes button.

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