Overview of Hauling Software Date Range Report

Date Range Report is used to view all completed ticket data for up to 1 month.  The report can be filtered using the Ticket items option and exported to PDF and CSV (Excel Spreadsheet)

Click here to view Managed Ticket Item Fields in Date Range Report

To view the Date Range report:

1.) Select the Main Menu Drop-down

2.) Select the Reports Tab

3.) Select Reports Home

After Selecting Reports Home you will be directed to the Reports Home Page.  From here:

4.) Select the Date Range Report from the list:

After Selecting the Date Range Report you will be directed to the Date Range Report Window:

5. ) To View all data during a particular Date Range Select the Date Menu. 

6.) Set the Dates you would like to view by using the Custom Range, or filter dates by using on of the preconfigured ranges.

7.) Select the Apply Button to set Dates:

 If Advanced Filters are needed to view the report you can 

8.) Expand the Advanced Filters field 

9.) Set any advanced filters needed by using the drop-down categories:

10.) After Setting all Advanced Filters select the Filter Button:

After all filters are set, and a Date Range is specified, all ticket Data that has been entered will display below:

11.) You can now sort the data using any of the ticket items shown at the top of the table data, by simply selecting them to sort alphabetically or by numeric value

12.) To export Date Range Report to CSV:

12.) Select the CSV Button

13.) Select the File located in the bottom of your browser

 After Selecting the File, the filtered Date Range Report will now open into an Excel Spreadsheet

To export Date Range Report to PDF:

14.) Select the PDF button.

15.) Select the File at the Bottom of the Screen:

After selecting the PDF file, the Date Range Report will automatically open and can be viewed.

Note: PDF software installed may need to be installed in order to view the PDF

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com